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Gowns for Children  

Graduation Outfitters is proud to introduce the Pre-school gowns. These specially proportioned crease free gowns are made to the same high standard as our traditional gowns for Universities and Colleges.

Pre-school, Primary and Secondary School Graduation Ceremonies

Our graduation package includes;

 A gown in a choice of colours to complement your ┬álogo
Our most popular colours are black, red, royal blue and emerald green (but we offer       many others too)
 A mortar board with detachable tassel (both colour matched to the gown).

Having a graduation  ceremony is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the children and students and to wish them well.
It can also help to promote your nursery or school by inviting local press or media and by adding the photographs of the day to your own website or prospectus.
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