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A Guide to Collecting Your Graduation Gown on the Day

This information applies only when we are doing (on-the campus service)
On the day, go and register that you have arrived to attend your ceremony. Then:

1. Look for Graduation Outfitters issuing Room or Corner. There will be clear signs directing to the Issuing Room close to where you will be graduating.

2. If you have pre-booked go to step 3. If you have not pre-booked and your college or university allows us to provide an on-the-day ordering service, please inform a member of staff and they will direct you to our Help Desk where you will be able to pay. Once you have paid, you will then be issued your regalia by our staff.

3. Please bring along your bank deposit slip with you. Your reference number is normally your college student number. It includes the first 3 letters of your college then followed by your student number.

4.  Our member of staff may ask you to repeat your name or even to see your reference number to ensure that you are getting the robes you ordered and not those of someone with a similar name. Please bear with us if we need to make this clarification. Each robe is tagged with your name and details to make the return process fast and to ensure that if robes are not returned we know who has rented them.

6. You will then be issued with the appropriate academic wear for your qualification. The designs and colours of gowns and hoods vary from place to place and from qualification to qualification hence our staff is well informed when it comes to this area of speciality.

10. Our Caps are designed to fit most sizes and shapes of head. They have Velcro and are adjustable to fit most sizes and our member of staff will help you in this regard.

11. Please bear in mind that robes where originally designed as outer garments like coats and can get rather warm, especially in summer. Also they can be rather heavy, and because of their design, they tend to slip back on your shoulders. This is a built-in design feature and something it is very hard to avoid, especially for people who are slightly built.

12. Our friendly Help Desk staff will provide you with more details of this service feel free to talk to them.

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