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Graduation Outfitters  

Due to our commitment for excellence and dedicated service to our customers, we are proud to be recognized as an authoritative supplier in the field of academic wear. 

For the past 15 years our continuous service has established us a well-earned reputation that we care about students.

We have a large inventory of graduation gowns, hoods, sashes and mortarboards (caps). We are a supplier to most universities, colleges and schools with academic wear in South Africa. 

It is with pride that we put our branding Graduation Outfitters on all our academic wear, it is crease-resistant and unconditionally guaranteed.

Fabrics used to make our merchandise are specially weaved for South Africa conditions to ensure dependability, durability and comfort. 

Our skillfully trained staff renders a highly professional service. Your graduation is a cause for celebration. Whether you wish to hire or buy a gown you can be assured that it will always look perfect.

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